The Alpacas


Floyd is the most loving of our alpacas and is a real people person. He is patient, loves kids and loves to go on walks. He also produces dense, high quality (very fine) fiber. He’s also very cute (Instagram famous).


Saul is an old man (although we are not sure exactly how old). Saul was rescued from a petting zoo, where he was alone with no other alpacas. Saul is quiet and keeps to himself unless there is grain involved. Some alpacas are not open to wearing a halter and/or walking, and Saul is one of them. He spends his time happily with the herd in the pasture.


Denver is famous for his big moustache and fabulous eyelashes. Denver is an older alpaca and is very quiet and shy. He is friendly, but keeps his distance in a typical alpaca style.


Royce is very vocal and dramatic. He loves to walk but it needs to be with a person on the same wave length as him (calm and assertive). Once he finds the right person, he warms up to them and he might even cuddle up a little on the walk. Royce is our biggest alpaca and produces high volumes of beautiful fiber.


Galahad is not a people person, he’s an alpaca guy. Galahad is the alpha male of the herd and is very much the boss. For this reason we do not bring him on walks as his job is to remain with the herd and call the shots.


Alex is a curious alpaca who is always running towards the person feeding them in the morning. He’s a little chubby but that’s OK.


Ziggy was a rescue and was in pretty rough shape when he got here. However, he is on the mend and doing well. Ziggy is a different breed of alpaca than the others (He’s a Suri). Suri alpacas grow long locks that look like dreadlocks. Fiber is longer, very soft and luxurious. Ziggy was already trained to be in a halter and loves to go for walks. He’s also an expert at posing for pictures. Very photogenic.

Lluka the Llama

Our one and only Llama. He came to us very young at 7 months old. Once matured, he will be the guard of the herd. Llamas don’t let unknown predators into the pasture (although our dog and people are welcomed by him). Lluka is very cuddly and loves all people. He’s goofy and quirky. One day, we hope to train him to carry cargo packs and possibly pull a cart.


Chad is the newest member to our herd.  Chad is a vegan who is always doing yoga poses out in the barn and pasture.  Recently Chad has been trained to go on our walks, he will chat up a storm with you.  When he arrived he was a free spirit who liked to keep to himself, but he has really come out of his shell and is opened to a good neck scratch!   


Tommy is the pampered pooch who spends most of his days indoors in the AC.  He loves to come out to greet the guests at the end of our alpaca walks.  Tommy and the alpacas can co-exist in the pasture together, but he’s quite jealous when the alpacas are the star of the show! 

Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty is our over friendly barn cat.  She tends to join on alpaca walks and the odd family photo sessions!  She loves the attention and is very entertaining for the kids!  She helps keep the mice under control in the barn and keeps the alpacas company.  


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